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Whether you are looking for us to lead you through the entire process or looking for more targeted him such as creating a college list or working on application essays, we can help!

GCSA Comprehensive Package


in 3 Easy Payment ($6,891 total)


1 X payment of $6500

GCSA College Planning Software

Linked Calendar

College Application Tracker

College Application Planning & Essay Writing Module

Career and College Major Exploration Assessment

Peer Group Mentoring Access

Comprehensive Package

Our most popular option. We systematically provide students with unique and individually crafted services to meet each student where they are in the process and guide them successfully through their final steps of college enrollment. No stone is left unturned which allows us to achieve the best possible outcomes for the student.

Through the use of our GCSA College Planning Software we provide students a powerful tool to manage this process. Some highlights of what this software includes:

✅ A college search and application calendar that can be linked to their personal Apple, Yahoo, Google or other calendars.

✅ A College List Maker Module with detailed information about colleges and universities across the globe.

✅ College Application Tracker that breaks down each component of every individuals college so that it can be monitored by the student and their consultant.

✅ A College Application Planning & Essay Writing Module that pulls apart this task piece by piece to assist students with the task they dread the most in this process.

✅ A YouScience Module to help them explore future careers that align with their interests and the college majors they might consider that will give them the appropriate skills to successfully land a job after graduation.

Regular meetings are established at the beginning of the process at a mutually agreeable time between the student and their consultant. (YES! We have evening and weekend hours. That's our busiest time!). They usually start out once a month at the beginning and increase to once a week during the college application process.

Finally, we offer students the opportunity to attend monthly peer group meetings to discuss their successes and challenges throughout this process so that they can support one another and not feel so alone. Trust us! They are not and this forum helps to combat that feeling that they will have at one point or another in this process.

And those are just the highlights! Give us a call to schedule a Zoom meeting and see it for yourself!

GCSA Hourly Support Services


$300 per hour

if purchase in 5 hour blocks

Essay Writing

Construction of College List

Application Strategy

Scholarships/Financial Aid Assistance

Hourly Support Services

For some families, they may feel comfortable with this process but simply need a guide to speak with from time to time and at times that are convenient for them (that would be evenings and weekends).


They are challenged with just one part of this whole process like writing the essays. This service provides families the choice of where they use their resources to gain additional insight and guidance throughout the process. If you have a small budget for our services, this option helps you enlist our support when and where you need it most.

If you are looking for help like this, contact us and we can discuss how we can support you and your student where you are struggling to get it done!

My Virtual College Consultant


Numerous Self-Paced Learning Modules

On-line Courses

GCSA Designed Worksheets

FB Community Membership

Discounted Zoom/Live Consulting Services

My Virtual College Consultant

We are EXCITED to release this service! Our goal is to create for college admissions what Turbo-Tax did for filing income taxes. We are making our incredible, stress-relieving process accessible to ALL through online, self-paced courses.

Each module within the course will have text and video explanations. Also included will be any relevant materials and worksheets to help students get this job DONE just like our in-person one-on-one counseling.

Even though it won't include that high-touch, in-person part, we will be offering students the opportunity to upgrade any module with live assistance from one of our consultants should they need that level of service at any particular point in the process.

To discuss this option and learn more, click the contact us button to the left to discuss this with us.




JUST $59.97 per month


$597 on-time payment

Here are just a few of the many modules you will have access to...

HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE Common Application PErsonal Statement


Create THE best college list

How to make an effective college visit

Create A WINNING application strategy

Emily A. - Illinois

GCSA is a highly personalize process.

GCSA's process made sure I accomplished everything I needed to, when I needed to. In addition, Dr. Neimeyer customized each part to my specific needs and interests so that he was sure to guide me toward the best schools for me. I enjoyed it so much that I've retuned to him for my graduate school search as well.