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In my journey as the youngest of seven first-generation, college-bound individuals, I have dedicated my career to upholding my parents' unwavering belief in the transformative power of higher education. My mission is to assist families in realizing this goal for their children, ensuring that the path to higher education is not only accessible but also empowering.

Throughout my early years in this profession, a defining moment occurred during one admissions presentation. Following the session, a prospective student's father approached me with gratitude, expressing how my thorough presentation had alleviated their stress significantly. It was in that moment that I realized my chosen career path was making a tangible impact.

My approach revolves around empowering families, especially students, to understand their interests, explore potential careers and college majors, and strategically navigate the admissions process. By demystifying these aspects, I aim to equip students with the knowledge and confidence needed to articulate their unique qualities to admissions committees.

I understand the importance of guiding families through the intricacies of college and career choices, fostering an environment where stress is replaced with informed decision-making. My commitment lies in not only helping students discover their passions but also in providing them with the tools to effectively communicate their aspirations to admissions committees, thereby enhancing their probability of gaining admission to their desired institutions.

By merging personal experience with professional expertise, I continue to fulfill my parents' legacy, ensuring that the transformative power of higher education remains within reach for every family I have the privilege to assist.


what we do

As a college admissions insider with 35+ years of expert experience (and father of twins who went through this recently!), I know the college search can be overwhelming.

Between endless applications, standardized tests, and campus tours, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters: finding a college where your child feels engaged, inspired, and excited about their future.

With my personalized coaching, your child will discover colleges with the perfect blend of academics, faculty, and campus culture that ignite their passion and set them up for success - both in college and beyond.

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comprehensive packages

Our most popular option ensures personalized support for students at every stage of the college enrollment process. We offer unique and individually crafted services, tailoring our approach to meet each student's specific needs.

Our thorough and comprehensive guidance leaves no aspect unaddressed, guaranteeing the best possible outcomes for every student as they navigate their final steps toward college enrollment.


This service empowers families with the flexibility to allocate their resources strategically, gaining additional insight and guidance where it matters most. If you have a limited budget for our services, this option allows you to enlist our support precisely when and where you need it during the process

My Virtual college consultant

If you feel confident in managing the college admissions process independently but would like a structured approach, our TurboTax-like solution for college admissions is designed for you. We've made our guidance more accessible through step-by-step online courses, providing you with an outline to streamline your approach. You can even enhance your learning experience by opting for live counseling sessions if needed.

financial advisors partnering with college admissions consultants

Financial advisor partnership

A financial advisor can elevate their services by partnering with GCSA admissions consultants, creating a holistic approach to guide families in optimizing college funding, exploring scholarships, and guidance on choosing the right academic path that align with their clients long-term goals. This collaboration ensures families receive comprehensive support, addressing both academic and financial aspects for a more secure future.

college admissions consulting as an employee benefit

human resources/

employee benefits

If you are a company that is looking to

✅ Enhanced Employee Retention

✅ Improved Talent Attraction

✅ Increased Productivity & Reduced Stress AND

✅ Create a Positive Brand Image

read more to see how we can help you achieve these company aspirations.

free college admissions resources

numerous free resources

Discover our expanded free services – webinars, newsletters, and blog articles! Join local presentations for personalized insights. These resources enhance your journey toward educational success, providing valuable information and expert guidance.

parents said

"GCSA's approach was personalized and empowering. Our son learned more about himself and was able to confidently apply to all of his colleges early so he could enjoy his senior year".



I would recommend GCSA's services to anyone who is navigating this overwhelming process.

My son really enjoyed working with GCSA through the entire college process. He had no idea where he wanted to go and wasn’t able to go on any tours Junior year because of COVID. GCSA helped him form a list of schools, helped him to do research on his list and then worked closely with him throughout the application process. My son wanted to own the process and only work with his GCSA consultant (no input from Mom or Dad). Most importantly, our consultant helped him make his final choice based on a whole list of criteria. I would recommend GCSA’s services to anyone who is navigating the overwhelming process.

students said

I used GCSA throughout my junior and senior years. My consultant was beyond helpful with the whole process. From the start, they helped me figure out what my major was and decide which colleges to apply to based on the best fit for me. They helped with my essays and getting me to the core of whatever point I wanted to make or quality I wanted to showcase. They dedicated so much time to helping me and truly went above and beyond. Without GCSA, I don’t know if I would have been successful getting into Cornell University and believe it to be the right fit for me. I 100% recommend GCSA! Sofia, Maryland



Working with GCSA helped expand my college search.

My GCSA consultant was crucial to broadening my college search. He played a pivotal role in shaping each of my essays, which later became integral and strategic components of my successful college applications. From considering the decision to submit test scores to reviewing choices, my consultant guided me with the best advice every step of the way. Having the ability to shoot him a quick text or email for prompt and reliable responses made the entire process smoother. As a student, I wholeheartedly recommend GCSA for invaluable assistance in navigating your college decisions.



There was a clear process and plan.

I really appreciated the personalized attention. My GCSA consultant took the time to listen to what I wanted and found schools that matched my interests and criteria. The process of finding the right school and then applying to them didn't feel overwhelming. There was a clear process and plan.

Also, having all of my applications in by the end of October and knowing I got into my first choice school before the holidays was such a relief. I've been able to enjoy my senior year. Thank you for working with me.

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We are on a mission and building courses daily around important college search and application topics where students and their families need some additional assistance but aren't looking for help throughout the process. We put all of our years of knowledge into these online, self-paced courses so that students can feel supported but accomplish these steps all on their own. Subscribe to get notifications about these courses as they become available.




We provide short sprint-type courses that zero in on your child's particular pain point in this process allowing them to quickly gain guidance and move past where they have been stuck. Students can move at their own pace, step-by-step until they have finished the task. Even then, they can return and review any of the lessons at any time and redo what they need to.