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Maximizing Your Clients' Savings + Enhancing Their Children's Futures.

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Partner with our GCSA College Admissions Consultants to Offer Unparalleled Guidance and Secure the Best Educational Investments for Your Clients.

Here's three reason why you should pursue this...


Beyond the Numbers - College Admissions Expertise

Strategic Admissions Guidance: A Complement to Your Financial Planning

We understand the complexities of college admissions. Our expertise in navigating essays, applications, and school selection maximizes your clients' chances of acceptance at the right-fit college - a key factor for academic success and financial return on investment.


Securing The Future - Scholarships & Financial Aid

Unlock Hidden Opportunities: Maximizing Scholarship Potential to Action Headline

Our consultants help students find and secure scholarships and financial aid packages. This directly reduces overall college costs, preserving your clients' carefully built retirement savings.


Peace of Mind, Enhanced Relationships

Streamlined College Planning, Strengthened Client Bonds

The college search is stressful. We alleviate that burden, allowing you to focus on financial strategy while we guide their child through the admissions process. This holistic approach fosters client trust and deepens your relationships

Let's discuss how a partnership can benefit your firm and create exceptional value for your clients.

Emily A. - Illinois

GCSA is a highly personalize process.

GCSA's process made sure I accomplished everything I needed to, when I needed to. In addition, Dr. Neimeyer customized each part to my specific needs and interests so that he was sure to guide me toward the best schools for me. I enjoyed it so much that I've retuned to him for my graduate school search as well.